Peace in Central African Republic

Brenda Lombard

Please pray for peace in Central African Republic and for continued safety for TWR Women of Hope team members Pastor Clarence and Philomene and their precious family.

"After the massacre of more than hundred Christians in the eastern center of the country; the Christian militias have replicated by killing more than 35 Muslim subjects and the tension has mounted in Bangui.

On the night of Wednesday to Thursday around 11 pm while we were in prayer the National Police confronted the Muslim militias right in front of our portal. Thank God, He spared our lives."

The country remains plagued by violence involving various armed groups.

More than 600,000 people have fled their homes within the country and a further 500,000 have crossed borders as refugees, while nearly 2.5 million need aid, according to the UN.

This has been prayed for 13 times
Last prayed for on Nov 29, 2017