Praise for new director

Tina Sessoms


Praise the Lord that the new director, Vincent Collet, arrived in France on Tuesday the 24th of July from Canada. The staff their have been praying for this a long time.  This is also an answer to our prays for someone to assist our French translator, Sylvie.  Just having this new family there to encourage her is a big help to her.

Please pray for Vincent and his family (his wife Trina and his two small daughters) as they settle into their new ministry and find a place to stay. For the moment Christians from our church are letting them borrow their house which is close to the radio. Vincent was born and raised in France but has been living in Quebec City, Canada for the past ten years. He will be taking over the administrative aspects of the radio ministry in the Lyon area. Thank you for your prayers on his behalf and that of his family. Trina is from the English speaking part of Canada but speaks fluent French.

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Last prayed for on Aug 22, 2018