Praise from Albania

Ledi Hebibasi

Praise the Lord for the opportunity to offer 81 ladies medical supplies and advice during meetings with Barbara (a nurse from Hawaii who has visited 3 times before). Even though Barbara fell and badly twisted her ankle we were able to do all the planned meetings and serve the ladies in six different churches. We are so thankful that Barbara didn't break any bones and that she was willing to continue to travel into the villages to help these women who have very little healthcare available.

Please pray for Jona, our new part-time staff. She has been working as a volunteer for three years, but two month ago her job as a counselor terminated due to lack of finances. Please pray for her and her family while she travels to help with different meetings sharing "Women of Hope" topics with women and praying with them, meeting listener and counseling them.

This has been prayed for 10 times
Last prayed for on May 10, 2018