Praise the Lord for Global Prayer Calls

Tina Sessoms

Praise the Lord and rejoice with us for the opportunities to prayer with our sisters and brothers around the world on May 17 (and May 18th in some places).  We were thrilled to see and pray with others from:

Austria, Brazil, Burundi, Canada, Côte d'Ivoire, Finland, Guam, Kenya, Korea, Liberia, Philippines, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, and the United States.


Others who could not connect by phone or video prayed with us in their countries; such as, Colombia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, etc.. 

These prayer calls were a rare chance for our teams around the world to connect. Many have never met in-person, but we were united in our purpose to bring hope in Jesus to women. These calls not only gave us a fun opportunity to see the faces of our team members but also to unite our hearts to Christ and each other as we prayed together.

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