Prayer Request for America's Deliverance and Salvation

Rory Gaines

While this prayer request is for America's turning to our Creator in repentance. My prayer is that our countries "eyes will be open" and that we will see it for what it is and take the right course of action as in line with obedience to our Creator- whatever that may be. But I think for any real change to take place and last that America needs a spiritual awakening and humble repentance toward our Creator and become a nation of total submission and obedience to our Maker- my actual prayer- and that all our economic woes, curses, plagues, issues, etc will dry up with the wind of change and that we receive all the blessings that come with obedience to our Creator- which may be more than we can believe. For the salvation of America, Rory M. Gaines

This has been prayed for 5 times
Last prayed for on Nov 18, 2019