Salvation for Sunny, Carolyn, Matthew

Pauletta Martin

I have been studying biblical ESL with Fujun, the father of the family listed above. He has asked for baptism at Open Door Church. Immigration gave Fujun refugee status but gave green cards to his family. His immigration visa interview was set for next year. Praise the Lord he will be able to study ESL also at Wake Technical College in Raleigh. Progress has been made for Carolyn to hear the gospel - Samuel, a Chinese who I heard at Ridgecrest and is also our son's friend who works for InterVarsity at NCSU will connect with her; she's also been invited to RCCC Chinese fellowship on Friday p.m. I heard from Carolyn twice yesterday thanking me for caring for her. Sunny takes care of newborn Chinese babies for the first 30 days. She will only be in Raleigh for 1 week beginning July 5 before she goes to another newborn. Linjen has shared with her some of the 4 spiritual laws. Matthew prefers buddhism at this time and doesn't want to hear about Christ. But Carolyn and Sunny are both listening to Bible messages with interest.

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Last prayed for on Jun 30, 2023