Somali translator

Tina Sessoms

TWR Women of Hope's translator for the Somali prayer calendar and Peggy's monthly letter is moving from Europe back to Africa.  She will not be able to do the translation work in the future. 

Please pray that God will provide a translator so that the women and men praying with us in their heart language of Somali will be able to continue to pray for women around the world. 

Pray for the Somali "Women of Hope" team as they continue to translate and produce the program for Somali people who are refugees far from home and eager to listen to programs in their heart language. Pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to their hearts and minds and show them the way to the true God who loves them and help them to understand who Jesus really is and that He offers them salvation and an abundant life of hope. 

Pray for the Somali Christians who are isolated because of the fear that family members and others will kill them if they learn they are followers of Jesus.

This has been prayed for 22 times
Last prayed for on Dec 3, 2019