Those who can't read

Tina Sessoms

Please pray for women and their families living in remote villages of South Asia. Many are following the religions of their ancestors. Because they are not educated they can't read the Bible or other literature. 

Pray for the TWR Women of Hope team members who travel to these villages to show God's love, teach health siminars,  and to give radios or other media devices to these remote people so they can hear the Scriptures over and over to memorize them. They also hear programs like Women of Hope that explain the Scriptures and God's truths in their own local languages.

The Women of Hope programs also teach them many practical lessons about nutrition, healthcare, safelty, relationships, etc.  These lessons give them information they have no other way to learn and therefore improves their lives.

This has been prayed for 13 times
Last prayed for on May 4, 2019