VBS This Week

Pauletta *

Pray for more students to enroll in the VBS day camp 9am to 5pm for 5 days. 28 had enrolled - in the past I remember 140 enrollment. But God is not in a numbers contest. Three of my 8th Grade Sunday School class are preparing for baptism, and the highest number I've had in Sunday School attendance was 8. And a visitor from PA last Sunday stayed behind to tell me that our youth ministry is so much better than at his PA church. So we pray for that church as well. That encouragement came right after a mom was sobbing that morning because her child would not come to youth Sunday School stating he didn't feel welcome. God's timing is perfect. I'll be teaching 3-4th grade Bible in the VBS - pray for my preparation this week : clarity of thought, guidance by Holy Spirit, no brain fog, appropriate, stimulating applications of scripture.

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Last prayed for on Jul 26, 2022