Work, Salary, Debt Free, Finances, Healing of Mental Health

Janine Hartzenberg

God, I come before you  humble and desperate. I prayed for a promotion, asking for more work, and a bigger role in the company. It was given to me and I praise GOD for it. I pray that You Lord make me indispensable in the new positions as it's not one but covering a lot of projects. I pray that God will use me in my current and future job and use my creativity, knowledge, commitment,work. You have amazed me time and time again. Thank you Lord cause without YOU I can't do anything. I would like to ask team to please pray with me, as my new salary was not discussed and I am too afraid to ask even though my salary has been the same since I started 3 and a half years ago.Lord our salaries come from YOU. Our jobs,business, everything in Heaven and Earth belongs to YOU. Heavenly Father PLEASE open doors, break chains for this job or any new opportunities You have in store for me. Father I ask you in the Mighty Name of Jesus for a salary increase exceedingly, abundantly, above all I could ever hope for or imagine. In Jesus name. Jesus bless met with the tools, skills, creative thinking, work ethic. Where I have been overlooked, please make me indispensable and may plans of the enemy break by fire. Jealousy, any backlash, anything blocking the way, gossiping, I pray that YOU cancel it by fire, In Jesus Name. Cover me with YOUR blood and divine favor and wisdom. And Jesus, if this Job is not for me. Please open the door of my new Job. Please guide me, give me wisdom and strength, understanding, protection and health.Please pray for me so that I will be able pay all my debt,to fix my car and own an apartment and not to live in someones room and to have medical aid. I thank you Father for all You have done for me and will do for me.In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen and Amen. Thank You for praying with and for me.

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Last prayed for on Jul 19, 2024