Yicell Ortiz

Yicell is a member of Summit Church in Spanish in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. She is Dominican. She studied clinical psychology and obtained a diploma in Female Discipleship at the Integrity and Wisdom Institute. She also holds a Certificate in Biblical Counseling endorsed by the Institute Encarga of Colombia and The Institute For Biblical Counseling & Discipleship.

She is married to Jehiel Ortiz, who is a missionary with the Trans World Radio ministry, a man passionate about God and His Word, who loves teaching about the Bible. 

Yicell collaborates by writing for the LifeWay Mujeres ministry, the Ella Habla Verdad blog by Susana De Cano, as well as the EZER blog and the Mujer para la Gloria de Dios program blog, both ministries of the International Baptist Church. 

You can find Yicell's writings on her blog at yicelldeortizblog.com. She, her husband, and their children Laura Isabel and Luis Eduardo currently reside in North Carolina of the United States.