My father left our family to marry another woman, but he did not leave his abusive ways toward my mother, sister and me. When I asked him why, he said, “Because a woman needs to be hit to stay on the right path; she has only half a mind.” Although I am a Somali raised in Saudi Arabia, because of my father’s abuse, I left his religion when I was 16 and refused to believe in any god.


After meeting a Filipino Christian lady, however, I began to think maybe God could exist. Before I went to bed, I prayed, “If you really exist, please reveal yourself to me.” That night, I saw Jesus in my dream. He stretched out his hand and told me, “If you are looking for me, here I am. Give me your hand.” I did and woke up feeling peace and happiness. I began searching for God and found your Arabic Women of Hope program.

But my uncle, in whose home I had to live after my father died of cancer, found my Christian downloads and swore he’d kill me if I didn’t return to his religion. I said no. I don’t want his religion. I don’t mind dying and being with Jesus. He is the one who lit my heart. He is the one who gives true meaning to life. He is the only way to heaven.


If the Lord wants me to live, I want to serve him and tell everyone about his love. No one should stay in the darkness of false religion. No one should live that lie. I’m forbidden to leave my uncle’s house except to attend his religious meetings, and he forces me to go there all the time. Even so, nothing will stop me from spreading the good news of Jesus.