God continues to use TWR Women of Hope to impact women’s lives around the world. Recently, our team in Southeast Asia received a testimony from a listener of the Women of Hope program in Indonesia.

Sumarni* wrote, “I am in a difficult situation. My husband left me and my children, which happens every time we have marital problems. This time he has not returned. Honestly, as a woman, I feel very tired of dealing with his behavior. Moreover, I also have to work to support our young children, and of course, I have to take care of them. The burden of life is very heavy for me, and there are times when I feel I can’t handle it anymore.”

As Sumarni praised God for the Women of Hope program she shared, “I felt blessed and strengthened, and I know now that I must remain strong in faith and not give in to despair.” She also discovered that no matter what she experiences in life, she must continue to have hope in Jesus, who will always provide strength and guidance. She added that she not only received spiritual help from the program but also learned important practical health information that was useful to her.

After listening to Women of Hope, Sumarni realized that God is working out a plan in her life through the difficulties.

She said, “God also wants to refine and improve my character so I can be a better woman, wife and mother. I must learn to reflect on the things I need to improve.”

She wants to work on building good communication with her husband so that their marriage and family will be blessed by God. Sumarni ended by saying, “I am truly grateful to listen to this program. I believe many women are blessed, just like me.”


– Maribeth Hynnes Stevens, TWR Women of Hope volunteer