In many countries, our TWR Women of Hope ministry teams have the opportunity to speak hope into the lives of women who have experienced brokenness. This is one such story from Colombia:

My name is Marianella* and I am from Bogotá, Colombia. I am writing to you because I want to tell you my story. I have lived with my husband for 15 years, although we have both made many mistakes. Our relationship grew worse when I fell into terrible depression two years ago. At the time my only friends were alcohol and cigarettes, and I spent my day at a bar so I wouldn’t go home to drink. That’s what every day was like. I was tearing myself apart and the lives of those around me.

 My husband asked me to change my life for the sake of our daughter and home, but after I stopped drinking, I turned to antidepressants to find comfort. Within a few months, I discovered that my husband was having a relationship with one of my coworkers. When he realized he had been discovered, he left while I was two months pregnant with another child. To this day, he never speaks or communicates with us. He has a deep hatred for me and says that I ruined his life.

In the middle of January, I began attending church and I opened my heart to Jesus - my comforter who has helped me through this situation. When I think back on what has happened, there is still bitterness in my heart. I don’t want to feel like that. I don’t want to fall into depression and drinking again. I want to serve God but I ask myself, “How much longer do I have to wait for forgiveness and have a new chance to have a home again?”

Do you think God will give me another chance to show the father of my children that I can be a good mother and wife? Will you help me in prayer asking God in the name of our Lord Jesus to forgive my sins and give me a second chance?

- Marianella

The good news for Marianella was that the moment she put her faith in Jesus Christ, she was forgiven.  Please pray for Marianella and women like her who are learning to trust Jesus with their mistakes and live new lives in the forgiveness they have received.

Do you have a similar prayer request that you would like our team to pray for? You can let us know on our prayer wall, and a team member will gladly pray for you. 

*Marianella's name was changed for privacy reasons.