How many of us have difficulty believing that God forgives us? It sounds almost too good to be true when faced with the mistakes and sin that we have done. However, we can be confident that God really does not hold our past against us (2 Cor. 5:18-20; Ps. 103:12). This young mom in Colombia shared about her pain and questioning of God's grace. Please pray for her and women like her who struggle with internalizing the goodness and grace of God.  If you have a hard time accepting God's forgiveness, take comfort other women wrestle with it too and rest in the promises of Scripture.

From Colombia 

“I am writing to you because I want to tell you my story. I lived with my husband for 15 years. At this moment, I am 30 years old. We both made many mistakes but the worst of all happened in 2016 when I fell into terrible depression. At that time, my only friends were alcohol and cigarettes. I spent my day at a Bar-Café so I wouldn’t go home and drink. And that’s what every day was like. My husband asked me to change my life for the good of our daughter (9 years old) and the good of our home. 

I began taking antidepressants and stopped drinking. But in January of that year, I discovered that my husband was having a relationship with one of my coworkers. When he realized he had been discovered, he decided to leave us. He left my daughter and me being two months pregnant. At this time he never speaks or communicates with us. He hates me and says I ruined his life. 

In the middle of January, we began attending church and I opened my heart to Jesus who has helped me through this situation. However, when I think back on what happened it makes me angry and sad. I don’t want to feel like that. I don’t want to fall into depression and drinking again. I want to serve God, but I ask myself, ‘How much longer do I have to wait for forgiveness and have a new chance to have a home again?’ 

Do you think God will give me another chance to show the father of my daughter and the baby in my womb that I can be a good mother and good wife? Will you help me in prayer asking God in the name of our Lord Jesus to forgive my sins and give me a second chance? I’m so afraid that I will repeat the bad things I have done. Thank you for reading my letter and for answering me. I am waiting for your counsel. Help me, what should I do? I always listen to your programs.”

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