There are many likely causes for the apparent failure of society in Haiti: weak infrastructure, extreme income inequality and a history of foreign interference, to name a few. As Christians, we recognize that the importance Voodoo is given in Haiti cannot be overlooked. Though banned for most of the 20th century, in 2003 Voodoo was given legal recognition as a religion with equal standing to Catholicism. Despite the socially bleak and spiritually dark landscape, God is shining the light of his love into the hearts of Haitian women through TWR Women of Hope.

While a Women of Hope Creole producer talked to a friend at a wedding, a woman passing by interrupted to say, “Your voice reminds me of a person I hear on 4VEH. Are you part of the program Negès Lesperans [Women of Hope Creole]?” When the producer answered in the affirmative, the passerby spent the remainder of the conversation saying how useful the Women of Hope program is for her and how faithfully she listens every week.

Receiving positive program feedback in person is not uncommon for the Creole team. Another member reported a listener from the town of Limbé telling how Negès Lesperans comforts her. “One day,” the listener recounted, “I was very sad over a personal situation, and I was crying on my bed. Then Negès Lesperans came on the radio. I was still alone, but I felt like a friend, a human presence, was in the room with me. That day’s program brought joy to my heart and spoke specifically to my own situation.”

As is true for all of us, encountering the only true God is the only hope for the people of Haiti. TWR Women of Hope, and TWR’s partner in Haiti, Radio 4VEH, depend on the prayers of God’s people as programs are produced and broadcast. Thank you for bringing joy to the hearts of Haitian women as you pray for the friendly voices they hear on the radio.