In some countries, TWR Women of Hope teams personally visit listeners to build relationships and minister. In Albania, the team is challenged to address issues like domestic violence, which happens frequently in homes because in this culture it is taboo to talk about it. Women of Hope producers want to share with Albanian women that domestic violence is not normal and that God cares for them.

From Albania,

Koreen came to Christ a few years ago. She tells that for the first time she heard about Jesus was from the radio. She was married when she was 17 - an arranged marriage. Koreen and her husband immigrated. He was alcoholic and didn't know what he was doing when he came home. Koreen was beaten by her husband for everything. She couldn't endure this life so decided to come back home and get divorced from her husband.

She was 22 when she came back to her family. She was depressed and with a lot of questions in her head. Why had God allowed her to marry such a person? Why was he so violent to her? She didn't know what to do and while she was listening to the radio she heard a program that talked about Jesus. She liked the program very much. It brought tears to her eyes while listening. The next day she was looking to find again the same radio station to hear more. After two days she found the station and begun to listen to every program throughout the day. 

For a year and a half she listened to that radio station until one day she believed in Jesus. Women of Hope has been one of the programs that has helped her to know more from God and to understand herself. "Radio programs have greatly impacted my life. I am saved only because of you. Thank you very much. I never wrote to you, but I deeply know that God spoke to me through the radio waves," she tells with her eyes full of joy and tears at the same time. She has grown up a lot by the radio programs and teachings from the Bible.

One day she asked God to show her a church to go to. Suddenly, a new girl came into her village. She told Koreen that she was going to a church and invited Koreen to come to church with her. Since that day, Koreen has attended church. Koreen lives with her family and works in a factory. Please pray for Koreen to continue to be hungry for the Word of God.