When TWR staff visited listeners in Mozambique, they found a woman named Daya,* who had an incredible testimony.

Daya hated Jesus and made it her mission to convince people not to go to church or to become Christian. Her husband also did not believe in Jesus, and he told Daya that they should not even receive Christian visitors in their house.

But God revealed himself in her life, as he is faithful to do. One day, Daya was involved in a terrible car accident. She was in such deep pain that she could not move and was trapped in her vehicle. A Christian woman, who was coming from a TWR Women of Hope ministry meeting down the road, stumbled across the accident. Concerned, she took Daya to the hospital.

Between the pain and medical procedures, Daya was unable to contact her husband or family. For the next two days, Daya’s family did not know where she was. However, the woman who rescued Daya never abandoned her.  She took care of Daya, giving her food, and praying. After a few days of rest and healing, Daya returned to her family and introduced them to the kind woman who had rescued her.

Indebted to her rescuer and curious, Daya began to open up to Jesus. From then on, Daya attended the TWR Women of Hope ministry meetings and listened to the Muthiana Olipelela program (Women of Hope). Even her husband eventually decided to surrender his life to Christ.

Praise the Lord! Even in the midst of hopelessness, we are assured that God is the one who changes our hearts.

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*Daya's name was changed to protect her privacy.