But as for me, afflicted and in pain-- may your salvation, God, protect me. Psalm 69:29

Bahar’s* story is all too familiar but no less horrifying than those of so many women forced into marriage. Her father abused her, and then when she became older, he forced her to marry an older man.  

My husband was an alcoholic. He was not working, and I had to work and bring money home, Bahar told the TWR Women of Hope team. When I got pregnant, he beat me until the last month. One day he beat me so badly that I had to stay a few days at the hospital. It caused my baby to come early. 

Like many women in her situation, she lied to the police about what happened because she was afraid of the consequences. During her struggles, she found hope in an unexpected place. 

Bahar said, “There was a kind woman in the same room at the hospital as me. She was listening to the Women of Hope programs. I asked her if she was a Christian, and she said, ‘Yes.’ After I went home, I remembered your program and started to listen. 

 From the radio broadcasts, Bahar heard about God and his love for her. She heard practical information about godly marriages and relationships. She heard about the hope that comes only from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This is what Bahar wanted in a relationship, and she gave her life to Christ. 

It is amazing to see how the actions and testimony of one person can affect another so dramatically. Jesus used the Christian woman and the Women of Hope radio broadcast to lead one of his frightened lost daughters safe into the arms of her heavenly Father. 



* Her name has been changed to protect her privacy.