"What do you have in your hand?"

That was the question put to about 500 Xhosa-speaking women attending a Baptist women’s weekend rally last summer in Eastern Cape, South Africa. I shared about the tools TWR Women of Hope has to offer the church, using the story of Moses. After his encounter at the burning bush, God asked Moses, "What do you have in your hand?" (Ex. 4:1-5). I then showed the women various tools we are putting into their hands for them to use for the Lord: the monthly prayer calendar along with audio players containing Women of Hope programs and the entire Bible – all in Xhosa. Afterward, I handed out 20 audio players to the cluster leaders to use in their women’s groups. They were so happy to receive them. Most of the women live in small villages deep in rural areas where access to data and even electricity is not guaranteed. And these solar-powered audio players suit their needs perfectly.

Then early this year one of those leaders, Hombakazi Shezi, responded: “Women from our church in Libode, Eastern Cape, have started listening to the audio player you gave me. It has helped so much. Every morning they meet at 7, and the audio player helps them be more diligent in [listening to] the Bible. And after they listen to the Scripture, some of them explain it. They are busy doing visitations to those who are sick and sometimes even use the audio player for those visits. And they are using the monthly prayer calendars and are so grateful to be part of praying with women in Africa. They pray for those prayer items each day. Thank you so much for helping my church. May God bless you all.”

– Lyn Burnett, Representative for TWR Women of Hope, Eastern Cape, South Africa.