Radio waves travel far. The Women of Hope program brings the message of hope and comfort to wounded hearts in distant places where our feet will never go. And as a constant companion to countless women, it creates a unity between listeners and producers.

At a conference in northeastern Brazil, Ana,* the producer and presenter of Women of Hope, experienced an unforgettable encounter. As she was washing her hands, she felt someone’s arms wrap around her waist. The hug was accompanied by expressions of gratitude to God.

For Juanita,* a listener to the Women of Hope program, it was a dream come true: Listener and presenter finally met.

Through tears Juanita said, “Praise be to God for allowing me to meet you. When I started listening to TWR and your programs, I had recently lost my husband. I was depressed, lost and had no direction in life. As I listened, it was as if you were talking directly to me, knowing what I was going through and how I was feeling. God used you to help me get through this time. You are a friend and blessing to me. Praise God for the words you share and for allowing me to meet you.”

As Ana looked into Juanita’s eyes, they both began to cry and hug each other. Juanita’s expressions of praise to God continued nonstop. In response, Ana couldn’t find words to express how grateful she was to the Lord for allowing her to participate in and be used in his work. Radio waves will continue to travel far. The Women of Hope program will carry words of comfort, hope and transformation. And the Lord will receive the praise.


– Susie Pek, Global Director, TWR Women of Hope