South Asia is a rich and beautifully diverse region of the world with roots deeply planted into their culture and ancient civilization. However, it is one of the most dangerous places for females where they face issues of domestic violence, child marriage, little opportunity for education, and many more. Still, God continues to work in this part of the world to bring hope through Jesus. 

Salmee* tried to bring goodness into her life.  She practiced many religious works according to the belief system that was followed in her region. But, no matter how hard she tried, she was not protected. One day, she grew seriously ill. Salmee had many treatments, and even went to witch doctors, but her condition continued to get worse.

Noticing Salmee's pain, one of her neighbors shared the good news of Jesus Christ to her and also advised her to listen to the Women of Hope program.

Salmee asked how much it would cost to accept this Jesus religion. All her life, religion had been nothing but a cost to Salmee. However, she learned that the only cost would be to trust Him only and believe in Jesus with all her heart.

Salmee accepted Christ as her personal Savior and was healed from all sickness in her body. Now she continues to do well and listens to Women of Hope to learn more about Jesus. Salmee is so thankful for the hope that she has found that she has started to donate to the local TWR office so that other women can learn about the radio programs and Jesus Christ. 

Help women like Salmee learn that salvation in Jesus is a free gift and that they can have hope no matter what their circumstances. TWR Women of Hope produces the Women of Hope program in more than 70 languages. Your donation helps translate, produce, and distribute this program all over the world. Give Now.

*Salmee's real name was changed to protect her safety.