Moldova is an Eastern European country nestled between Ukraine and Romania. With a population of approximately 3.5 million people, Moldova is one of the poorer countries in Europe with most of its industry relying on agriculture. TWR Women of Hope has a unique opportunity to reach women in this area through the Women of Hope program. Katerina (name changed for privacy) wrote to our team to ask for prayer.

"I am your constant listener. Really, the right way to listen would be sitting down and writing down some things, but I cannot sit, because of the pain in my belly. So I have to lay down that it is easier. I get up and do my house chores, and then lay down again.

But the Lord is doing so much for me! I am so grateful for His kindness, compassion and mercy toward me and everybody calling on His name.

Forgive me, maybe you are not interested in my condition, but I am always praying for you, and would like to ask you to pray for me; to be able in church, to do good, and visit somebody whose health is worse than mine. I am so afraid of the words of Jesus Christ where He says, 'I was hungry and you did not feed me, was sick, and you did not come to visit me, was in prison, and you did not come to me.'"

Please pray for Katerina, and women like her, who desire to be involved in God's work but feel limited.  If you are feeling limited or overwhelmed, drop us a line in our prayer community, and a team member will personally pray for you.