I am a regular listener of Women of Hope (translated Nari Aasha) program. When I started listening to this program, I liked it. I realized that I needed to listen to this program because it is helpful for in every situation in my life. Whenever I feel disturbed in my mind and I need wise counselling, I listen to the program play as my tutor for my life.

It has been teaching me practical Christian living and moral conduct, teachings that are more applicable for day to day living. Before I was not conscious of many things, but nowadays I am so much more careful in terms of health/hygiene and taking care of children. To understand the word of God, live a blissful life, and maintain a blessed happy family life, I am regularly listening to Women of Hope programs. Finally, the program enables me to be a good housewife. The program helps me to maintenance a good balance of physical life and spiritual life. I am thankful to TWR Nepal for providing me this program.