Our very first Facebook friend told us that her husband had made a long rope to kill her. But she told him, “The love of Jesus is stronger than a rope.” She went on to say, “We [Somali believers] are the testimony of Jesus.”  - From the Somali Women of Hope team

Thank you very much for the Kurdish-Sorani program for women. Your [Women of Hope] programs are like a light in the darkness. Through these programs I have discovered that I am God’s beloved child. God bless you! - A listener of the Kurdish-Sorani program, available for people in Iran, Iraq, and Turkey

My group always gathers at 6 p.m. every Saturday for your radio program. Each one brings crushed wheat or some ripe bananas or jackfruits to the listening place to eat while listening to Women of Hope. After some time, we proposed changing locations each time so that we meet in the homes of different group members. In this way, we attract more listeners to join. Everyone acknowledges your program’s benefits. Women of Hope has touched many sisters and even their husbands, who changed from addiction, alcoholism, and gambling to be good husbands and fathers and to build up the family, work together, and help the community. Thanks to God, thanks to your program! - A listener in Vietnam

I like the Women of Hope program so much because it helps both men and women in our daily lives and in our spiritual lives too. Through listening to Women of Hope, it helped me to change a lot in my life as I bring more peace to my family. Please pray for my family to be able to learn God’s Word and come to church every week. - A listener in Cambodia

All of your programs have been a blessing to me. In the program Women of Hope, I would like to thank you for the simple greeting and calling us your “radio friends.” The topics on violence, on anger are very up-to-date and speak to our experiences. During the program, tears flow down my cheeks – the Lord knows. … The poem was very good. I believe that the prayer you prayed at the end was for me too. I prayed together with you. The Lord did some healing within me. Of course, I cannot write everything here and explain all that led to this condition. The words in the program about the “deep breath” which helps work against rising anger helped me to remember: Prayer is breathing for a Christian. Too little prayer – too little strength; lots of prayer – much more strength. - A listener in Ukraine of Women of Hope Russian