Russia is not an easy country in which to share the love of Jesus.  However, we are thankful that the Women of Hope program has been aired in Russian since 2010.  Here are a few brief messages that we have received from listeners in Russia. Their names have been changed.

“I love to listen to your programs. I am so happy that such programs exist. When I wake up, I immediately switch on my radio, which stands close to my bed. I cannot say which program of TWR I like more, because all of them are good. Your messages, poems, songs. Recently I heard in the program the offer of the book about a ... woman who became Christian. I would love to read it and would also give it to others to read. It shows that the Christian faith is a true faith.” - A.L.

“Thank you so much for your programs. They spiritually uphold our family. My daughter, 5 years old, joyfully listens to the children’s programs and sings with the kids when music comes on. My wife loves the program Women of Hope. I enjoy Shalom and several others. We all join at the computer when the message is coming on, a Bible Study, or a Scripture program. We pray for and bless your ministry….” - Vadym*

“I continue to receive the prayer calendar of TWR Women of Hope. Thank you for not forgetting me in this. It seems that God wants me to serve in this way, and I am grateful to Him for entrusting me with it. I also continue to pray for your radio, for your needs and for all your families. Please do continue to pray for my son, grandson, sister-in-law, and all my relatives. May the Holy Spirit help you in it!” - Victoria*

We hope you are encouraged by these testimonies. If you are like Victoria and would like for us to pray for you and your family, let us know in our prayer community, and a team member will personally pray for your request.