Chivy * was caring for cows in the fields of Cambodia when our TWR Women of Hope team first met her. 

With excitement in her voice, she shared, “Through the Women of Hope program, God gave me a vision of having a place of worship right here in my village, where the good news of Jesus has not been shared.”  

Chivy and five women come together in her home each Sunday to worship and be encouraged by the Word of God as they listen to Women of Hope. In the evening she gathered the children to listen as well. But her desire was for land and a church building where her whole village could hear of Jesus.  

“One day, one of my neighbors asked me to look after her cows, and she paid me. I started to save this money.” 

As Chivy continued saving her earnings, she also asked God to supply land for a place of worship. Finally her answer came. “The owner of some land near me put it up for sale, and I was able to buy it cheap!”  

The TWR Women of Hope team was inspired by Chivy’s story and decided to join her in holding a Christmas service on her new piece of land. Of the 40 women and men who came to celebrate Christmas, only five to seven were believers in Christ. They praised the Lord, played games, and shared about Jesus’ birth and the salvation he offers, and then the group had fellowship over a lunch prepared for the occasion by Chivy and her friends.   

“God has plans for this village,” a TWR Women of Hope staff member shared. 

Chivy is praising God, who is using her income from watching cows to realize a dream of bringing her village together to worship the Great Provider.   

* Not her real name.