If you were to converse with typical women in India, you would often hear how overworked and underappreciated they feel. That no one understands or cares for their needs is a common sentiment resonating among women on social media.

Desiring to bring hope and comfort, the Women of Hope television program in Tamil discusses the issues that mothers currently face. And their responses coming from these discussions have been truly encouraging.

Prabavathy’s* life was transformed as she watched our program that featured a family with a child who was disabled. The story spoke of a woman who understood her child’s struggles and worked to nurture him in the areas that he was able to develop in. The child, perceiving her love, reciprocated, and attempted to respond to her attempts to help him.

Prabavathy, who is herself the mother of a disabled child, was touched by the way the story realistically portrayed the mother’s exhaustion and depression from not knowing how to care for her child. The program encouraged her to not give up hope and to seek God’s help in identifying the right methods for connecting with and nurturing her child. She spoke with our audience-relations personnel and thanked them for being God’s answer for her struggling family.

Saridha,* too, found hope in God through our program that spoke of a woman who was unable to bear a child. Saridha was frustrated and aggressive toward her colleagues as most of their conversations centered around their children. She was losing hope, and her emotions were spilling out in unhealthy ways.

But her conversations with our audience-relations personnel became the outlet she needed for her pain. As they counseled and prayed with her, Saridha found joy and a renewed sense of hope for her future.

Women in India have little access to godly help in everyday struggles. Please pray that the TWR Women of Hope ministry will continue to be their avenue to spiritually enriched, meaningful lives.


Nikita Paul, TWR India Communications Coordinator