Mai* in China was an atheist who didn’t believe in anything. She wanted nothing to do with God. Her parents were believers though who continued to share the Gospel with her. When she fell sick with various serious illnesses, God did a healing work not only in her body but also in her heart.

She was enlightened by the love of a God who cared so much about her that He came down in the flesh to restore her. Mai’s friend then introduced her to TWR programs to help build Mai's faith. Mai has been a listener for nearly nine years! Mai shared that, “Women of Hope has been especially helpful to me.”

We are grateful to God for healing listeners like Mai, as well as the friends and family He put into her life to be praying for her salvation. The power of prayer is so important; it is our direct line of communication to the God of the universe! Please join us in praying for women around the world for He hears the cries of the afflicted (Ps 10:7). You can sign up to receive the prayer calendar here.

*Name has been changed.