Human beings aren’t just accidents; there is a reason we are born. The Lord has a special task or assignment entrusted to each of us. Knowing what your calling is and how to fulfill it is highly motivational.  I am reminded in the Scripture that certain servants were given talents to multiply and that even the man given only one talent was expected to invest wisely to gain the master’s approval 


discovered my own calling when I realized that working with women is one of my passions. Women going through daily life need someone who will listen to their stories. As I work with them and listen to their stories, God’s purpose for my life is unpacked day by day.

How wonderful it was to meet Dr. Peggy Banks, the global leader of the ministry with which I serve! There had been much devastation in my life, and the words she spoke encouraged me. Even today, I haven’t forgotten her words: “Don’t give up, fix your eyes on Jesus, help one another and be faithful to your call. 


asked myself, “Does she know what I went through? As Peggy was sharing her own testimony, I said to myself, I went through nothing. I must keep going. We went through challenging times so that we now know our Lord better, and those times have enabled us to draw closer to himAfter all, we can encourage others who are facing the same situations.  

The Lord granted me grace to come up with a song on our 2020 theme, which focused on the concept of “rest” as addressed in Matthew 11:28-30. As I sing it, I get hope and am willing to minister to other women who feel so weary and heavy laden. Indeed, there is hope in Jesus. Despite the valley of the shadow of death that the entire world is going through, our Lord is still mighty to save. 


Proverbs 30:30 says, “A lion, mighty among beasts,  retreats before nothing.” Let us learn from this Scripture to trust more in the Lord and serve him wholeheartedly. He is ablenothing is too hard for him.