Education is life changing. Adine’s* family, in Southeast Asia, experienced such a blessing through the Women of Hope radio broadcasts. 


TWR's national partner in Indonesia, known as YTWR, collaborates with local stations to broadcast Women of Hopeand follow-up teams distribute mini audio devices containing the program to local churches. Programming can be accessed by large groups like the congregation, small groups and individuals, all of whom take turns using the devices.  


Women of Hope programs provide Scripture, biblical teaching and medical information to help people gain both spiritual knowledge and practical information to enrich their daily lives. Through a program on nutrition, the family learned material that caused considerable improvement in the health of one of Adine’s grandchildren. 


The child had little appetite and hardly ate. Months went by with little improvement. Then the grandparents heard a discussion by doctors on Women of Hope about nutrition. They learned enough to be able to provide the little one with the right food to reverse the condition. Slowly the child’s appetite returned, and Adine’s family praised God for it.  


The mini audio devices facilitate sharing hope in other ways as well. While listening to the Women of Hope programs, one woman’s faith was so strengthened that she began to pray regularly for her husband. Eventually, her husband quit drinking and smoking. The faith of another woman also was built up, and she has given her own illness and family problems to God. Praise God. 


Even the pastor and his family who distribute the mini audio devices have been helped by the spiritual and medical programming and are grateful to YTWR for the devices on which all the broadcasts are heard. How wonderful to have the collaboration of YTWR, Women of Hope and pastors of local churches to provide education and information that can have such a broad impact. 


Her name has been changed to protect her privacy.