Mali is a country in West Africa whose northern boundaries lie deep in the Sahara. Due to drought and internal fighting, the people of Mali face increasing vulnerability. Women and children are particularly susceptible in these conditions, and the number of widows and orphans increases daily. As people are deprived of their loved ones due to military conflict, the number of trauma cases increases as well.

The Women of Hope program reaches far and deep into the hearts and souls of those who listen to them. Their listeners include internally displaced people and even jihadists for whom the program is not prohibited.

The programs are aired on radio stations and used by different churches. Often the program content leads to churches and community leaders organizing further community gatherings or seminars. They then implement some of the good advice or biblical principles learned from the program. One critical social need is being able to live harmoniously within communities. TWR Women of Hope has significantly contributed to this aspect, as testified by several pastors and individuals who have shared the following testimonies.

“I am very grateful to God because the program led me to forgiveness,” one listener told us. “I had sworn not to forgive my little sister, let alone talk to her. We had gone years without speaking to each other. But after listening to the program, I decided to forgive, and now my heart is totally free.”

A radio station director shared, “The program has greatly facilitated a peaceful coexistence in the region among many families. Our station covers a 250 km radius. This means that it also reaches many other areas from which we have received testimonies. The Women of Hope content becomes the key themes in community meetings and engagements. Among the participants in these meetings are notable community and government leaders as well as imams and pastors. We salute TWR Women of Hope for having gathered all these people around the living well together in peace and tranquility.”

Truly the Word of God brings peace that transforms individual lives and communities.


Photo credit to Muhammad Taha via Pexels