Forced to marry at age 14, Hafsa* became the wife of a man 40 years older who raped and beat her regularly.

Even when the blows required her to go to the hospital, the husband’s family told her to be quiet. After she caught her husband in adultery and confronted his family, they responded by throwing her out of the house.

Hafsa divorced her husband, but that caused her own family to feel shame, so they forced her into a second marriage. When it, too, ended in divorce, she found herself a prisoner in her parent’s home with nothing but her phone for company.

Then, Hafsa noticed a TWR Women of Hope social media post about self-worth and reached out in reply. “I want to feel that I am human. I wanted someone to love me,” she wrote.

In despair, Hafsa described feeling like a used tool that had been thrown away. The Women of Hope team responded, sharing the truth of Jesus and letting Hafsa know that her value and worth come from the God who created her.

Hafsa is listening and asking spiritual questions as the team members teach her to trust the Lord with her life and emotions. “Through you, I sense peace – it may be from God,” she wrote. “You are sent to me like an angel to show me the way through the darkness of my life. I’m thankful.”

* Listener’s name has been changed to protect privacy.