Few people who are married will tell you that it is an easy path. However, for marriages marred with abuse, it can be hard to reconcile and rebuild trust. Thankfully, we serve a God who has the ability to transform our hearts, and sometimes that grace restores our relationships too. A listener wrote to share her and her husband's story.

From Gujarat, India

I was born and brought up in a non-Christian family. My husband and I live as farmers. After marriage, I was barren for a very long time. This is such a stigma in our village. I was not only ill-treated by my own husband, but I was disrespected by my entire community. My husband drank every day and came home to physically abuse me. Life was not easy at all. I can only remember feeling depressed and nothing else.

I came to know about this Gujarati program through a program guide. I listened to the program in my neighbor's home. I listened attentively as the message drew me in. I started listening regularly. One time, the preacher said, the Lord is our caretaker. This broke me down. I had to live on the defensive all my adult life. I was tired and torn down. The very news that God himself will take care of me if only I ask was life to me. I surrendered to Jesus at that very instant. My peace, joy and hope now came only from Christ and it was real, pure and eternal.

My story does not stop here. I joined a women's prayer group. These women became my support system in Christ. We spent time in prayer with the guide of the monthly prayer calendar. I began being a better wife to my husband despite of his faults because the Bible teaches me to do that. My husband improved. He does not drink anymore or abuse me. The quality of my marriage improved. We are still barren but we continue to pray and hope for a miracle. 

Spoken in the western state of Gujarat, India, Women of Hope Gujarati has been touching lives of the Gujarat women since August 2009. Follow-up workers in India respond to listeners in their respective languages. This program is currently funded, but if you would like to support other language programs in India, please consider Hindi. Also, be in prayer for the listeners and ministry team in Gujarat.