When Kemal* decided to leave his home country of Iran, he learned that following the rules for refugees is complicated.


Citing fear and a lack of peace, Kemal wanted to start a new life in a different country with his wife and two children.

A lawyer told him that converting to Christianity would help him win asylum abroad, so Kemal, a strong believer in Iran’s majority religion, studied a YouTube video to learn enough to pass as Christian.

But then it hit him that he would be selling out his own religion, and he became ill and depressed.  It’s just a white lie, the lawyer said; you don’t have to truly convert.  Convinced, Kemal returned to his homework, and as he read the Bible, a new passion began to burn inside.

The Scripture talked a lot about love while also revealing to Kemal that he not only faced a death sentence but also was guilty of lying, pride, anger and hypocrisy.  After three months of Bible reading, he accepted Christ without telling his wife.

Eventually, God opened the door for him to move his family to Turkey. He was able to attend church, and he repented of his sins in front of the pastors.

“Yes, I wanted to use the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for my own desires, but God changed the path of my life and gave me eternal life and salvation,” Kemal said. “Now I am invited to learn the Word of God, and by God’s will and grace, I am going to serve God in his church.”

Members of our TWR Women of Hope team included the news that Kemal’s wife also accepted Christ.

*Not his real name