Pray for Peace in America

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Please join me in praying for peace in our nation. May we keep our eyes on our faithful Father who is sovereign over all. He is in control. May the church lead the way in unity and harmony. read more


Pauletta Martin · Submitted:
Father, we ask that you bring complete healing and salvation to Jonathan, a 15-year-old boy whom Pauletta's son, Kevin, is welcoming into his home today. Transform his life Lord, and bring healing to the rejection he is experiencing. read more

Prayer for our Elections

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Father, we bring our nation before you. We seek your face for who you are, submitting ourselves to you as the only holy God. We desire as the body of Christ for your will to be done in our country. May your justice and righteousness... read more

Ridgecrest Volunteer Work

Pauletta Martin · Submitted:
Father, we pray that you would strengthen and protect the Martins as they serve at Ridgecrest Conference Center in Western North Carolina. We thank you for this place where Christians can hold conferences or just go to seek you in a... read more

Our Nation and World

Larry Webb · Submitted:
Dear Heavenly Father, Our nation,our world is in such turmoil between Covid and unrest . Please heal our nation and world and give us your peace. Amen read more

Prayer for salvation

Pauletta Martin · Submitted:
Continue to pray for Helena, a Chinese exchange student from Beijing. She has moved to a new host home where God definitely prepared the way for her to hear the gospel. The 12th grade female at the new home attends NRCA, and the dad... read more

Prayer for my sister

Pauletta Martin · Submitted:
Please pray for my sister, Joan, who was diagnosed with covid in mid September. She returned to the ER the following Saturday with a persistent cough, fever and fatigue. She had permanent lung damage in the past, thought that she was... read more

Prayers for Students and Educators

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Father, please give great wisdom to each family as they continue to make decisions regarding their children's education. Show educators and administrators how to safely and effectively educate the students. Help each student to be able... read more

Prayer for the Isolated

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
There are many in our midst who are suffering in silence through this time of isolation. ... read more


Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Father, we ask that you give parents great wisdom as they make classroom versus online school choices for their children. Give the teachers and administrators your wisdom in how to provide a safe yet excellent classroom educational... read more


Pauletta Martin · Submitted:
Helena from Beijing will arrive at our home this Saturday. She will be a 10th grader attending Ravenscroft. Pray for her salvation and our part in displaying God's love and truth. read more

Straying friend

Please lift up my long-time friend. She was like a sister to me, and I truly believe she is saved. She has made many heartbreaking decisions and is in a very dark place. She has "forbidden" me from future contact with her in any way... read more