Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Father, we ask that you give parents great wisdom as they make classroom versus online school choices for their children. Give the teachers and administrators your wisdom in how to provide a safe yet excellent classroom educational... read more


Pauletta Martin · Submitted:
Helena from Beijing will arrive at our home this Saturday. She will be a 10th grader attending Ravenscroft. Pray for her salvation and our part in displaying God's love and truth. read more

Straying friend

Please lift up my long-time friend. She was like a sister to me, and I truly believe she is saved. She has made many heartbreaking decisions and is in a very dark place. She has "forbidden" me from future contact with her in any way... read more

Wisdom for our Leaders

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Father, grant our national, state and local leaders great wisdom as they seek to create safe plans for opening up schools, businesses and services. Give them good judgment and timing for each state to move into the next phases of... read more

Pray for stamina

Cornelia Grey · Submitted:
I am an 80 year-old woman who sells on eBay to raise money for Christian Missions including TWR Women of Hope. Currently, eBay has given us sellers 50,000 free listings which has brought new business. Please pray for my stamina to keep up... read more

Answered Prayer for New Zealand Pastor

Pauletta Martin · Submitted:
We are praising God that David, a 76 year-old pastor and writer from New Zealand, has been released from the hospital after a second stint surgery on his heart. Please pray for him as he finishes a Christian book soon be published. read more

Heart attack

Pauletta Martin · Submitted:
Please pray for David, a 76 year-old pastor and writer from New Zealand, who had stints placed in his aorta on Thursday and had heart attacks Friday evening. His prostate was also greatly enlarged. read more

Praying for Order, Peace and Love for our Nation

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Father we lift our nation up before you. Where there is chaos, would you replace it with order? Where there is violence, would you bring peace? Where there is hatred, would you bring love? Help us as your children to bring order, peace... read more

Healing for our country

Larry Webb · Submitted:
Pray for healing and peace in our country through all that is going on. read more

Pray for Gerson's salvation

Pauletta Martin · Submitted:
May Josias, a seminary student, form a close relationship with Gerson which will lead to his salvation. Gerson is a foster son of our son, Kevin. read more

Please pray for me

Pauletta Martin · Submitted:
A 3-day conference originally scheduled for Dallas will be on zoom with 300 allowed in each of the 40 workshops - There are other volunteers for the plenary sessions and workshops. My job is to welcome attendees and help them get signed in... read more

Healing and Debt

Phil Chavez · Submitted:
Father, we ask that you would bring physical and financial healing in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to Phil and Lorraine Chavez as well as Phil's uncle Seve. Thank you that you are our great physician and provider. read more