Prayer for national leaders

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Father, we ask that you give wisdom to the leaders of each nation as they begin to open up businesses and allow people to go back to work after the COVID-19 lockdowns. read more

Prayer request for family memberss

Denise Parks · Submitted:
Prayers are needed for my daughter, Sherree-43 yrs who will have a mastectomy on Thursday, April 16, 2020. Prayers for my mother, Roberta-94 yrs, who has congestive heart failure. She is living with me now and on oxygen 24-7. read more

Praying for Financial Provision

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Pray for the unemployed and underemployed to find provision for their needs. Pray as believers that we would all hear from God how we are to help those around us. May we be free to come alongside our neighbors with resources and care. read more

Prayer for Nepal

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Please pray for Nepal and for many other countries around the world where food shortages and lack of money for basic needs are making this time of lockdown very difficult. May they call out to you, Father, in their time of need. read more

Pray for Salvation

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Please pray that all those who watched Easter services, films and plays about Jesus and Easter or heard the gospel would respond and give their lives to Jesus. May those seeds of truth bring forth fruit of faith and new life through our... read more

Government leaders

Antonio Costa · Submitted:
Please pray for Brazilian government leaders and their families. read more

COVID-19 Help

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
We praise God that TWR Women of Hope teams are reaching out to their communities holding seminars about hygiene, passing out soap and masks, and leading people to Women of Hope programs that can help them during this COVID-19 crisis. read more


Pauletta Martin · Submitted:
Please pray for the salvation of two Chinese North Carolina State University doctoral students who heard the 3 Circles salvation presentation last Friday during our zoom fellowship. They knew nothing about the Bible, but they listened... read more

Prayers for Nepal

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Father, we pray today for the people of Nepal. They have been sheltering in place for one week now and the government has just issued an order for it to continue for another week. The people are running out of food and crying out to the... read more

Prayer request

Father, we pray for women in Africa who have no necessities for hygiene in order to keep their families protected during this time of the coronavirus crisis. And we also remember those who are illiterate to understand as much as they can... read more


Father, I want to use this time to talk with colleagues and people in the supermarket about the meaning of life. To point them to God and Jesus Christ. But at the moment, people are only concerned with whether they have enough toilet... read more

Pray for financial provision

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Father, we pray for those individuals and families who have lost jobs, those who are on unpaid leave and those whose financial positions are fragile. Lord, we pray that you would give wisdom to the government to provide assistance to... read more