Prayers for India

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Father, we bring India and its people before you today. So many are contracting and dying of the Corona virus there. In your mercy, Lord, protect the people from this sickness. May Christians, churches and our Women of Hope teams there... read more

Praise that surgery went well

Praise God that Wilbur's cataract surgery went very well! read more

The Lord's power to stop the spread of COVID 19

Antonio Costa · Submitted:
Please pray that God may guide our authorities and give them wisdom to lead this nation with justice and peace. May God put in the hearts of Brazilians true love and respect for their nation. Thank you. read more


Larry Webb · Submitted:
Thanksgiving that my pension will be restored to it’s original amount due to the stimulus package that was passed. It had been reduced to1/3 of what I was getting because our pension fund went insolvent. It is truly a miracle. Thank you... read more

Prayers for Healing

Wilburn Martin · Submitted:
Father, we lift up Wilbur as he goes in for cataract surgery this Wednesday. Touch his body, Jesus, and bring complete healing to him. read more

Prayer for Godly Counsel

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Father, ... read more

Prayer Request

Phil Chavez · Submitted:
Please pray for the salvation and healing of my mom, Lorraine, and for the salvation of my uncle Seve and aunt Jackie. read more

Pray for our leaders today

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Father, we know that your Word is truth. We pray that the leaders of our nation would read and understand the Bible. We pray they would value and regard the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Jesus. May your truth be their guide. read more

Prayers for Hope

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
God of all hope, we come to you as the one who willingly gives hope to all those who put their trust in you. Help us to keep our eyes and hearts focused on you, your truth and your presence. Help us to encourage others to do the same. ... read more

Prayer for our US government

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Father in heaven, we bring before you the members of our executive, judicial and legislative branches of government. We ask that each member would fear you, Lord, and recognize that they are accountable to you for each decision and... read more

Pray for the Salvation of our Leaders

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Father we prayer for the leaders of our nation in government, business, media, education, religion, families and military. May each leader be presented with the gospel of Jesus Christ and personally embrace the salvation Jesus offers. ... read more

Prayers for our National Congress

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Father, we pray for our National Congress. We ask that each member would desire honesty and integrity. That they would possess thankful and teachable spirits. That they would be generous and have compassionate hearts for the poor and... read more