December 2019 - Praying for Salvation

Join us in December as we pray for salvation. read more

November 2019 - Praising and Thanking Our Father

Join us in November in praising and thanking our Father! read more

October 2019 - Praying for Women Affected by Domestic Violence

Join us in October as we pray for women affected by domestic violence read more

September 2019 - Praying for Women and Children in Poverty

Join us in September as we pray for women and children in poverty read more

August 2019 - Praying for Child Brides

Join us in August as we pray for child brides read more

July 2019 - Praying for the Education of Women and Girls

Join us in July as we pray for the education of women and girls read more

June 2019 - Praying for Women Refugees

Join us in June as we pray for women refugees read more

May 2019 - Praying for Mothers

Join us in May as we pray for Mothers read more

April 2019 - Praying for Women to Receive the Gift of Salvation

Join us in April as we Pray for Women to Receive the Gift of Salvation read more

March 2019 - Uniting Our Hearts in Prayer

Join us in March as we unite our hearts in prayer. read more

February 2019 - Praying for Godly Marriages

Join us in praying for godly marriages. read more

January 2019 - Praying for Victims of Human Trafficking

Join us in praying for victims of human trafficking. read more
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