February 2018 - Praying for Women in Southeast Asia

Pray for women in Southeast Asia. Even though it is a beautiful region of the world, for many women it is a dangerous place. read more

January 2018 - Praying for Women in South Asia

If Jesus were to return to earth for a day, he might choose to walk among the poor in South Asia. There, as he did in ancient Palestine, he... read more

December 2017 - Praying for Women to Receive the Gift of Salvation

This December, join us as we pray for women to find their salvation in Jesus. read more

November 2017 - Prayer and Thanksgiving

Join us in praise, as we celebrate 20 years of ministry! read more

October 2017 - Praying for Women Hurt by Abortion

For October, pray with us for women who have experienced or are considering an abortion. read more

September 2017 - Praying for Women in Ministry

Join us this September, as we pray for women who faithfully serve God in ministry. read more

August 2017 - Praying for Women Affected by Domestic Violence

Join us this month as we pray for women who experience domestic violence. read more

July 2017 - Praying For Women In Poverty

This July, let's pray for women who live in poverty and courageously look for ways for their families to survive. read more

June 2017 - Victims of Trafficking + Prostitution + Rape

This June, pray with us for those who are sexually exploited through human trafficking, prostitution, and rape. read more

May 2017 - Praying for Mentoring Relationships

For May, pray for the impact of mentors in the lives of women and girls. Women need mentors to encourage them to keep learning and to inspire them to reach their highest potential for God’s glory. read more

April 2017 - Education and Training for Women and Girls

Join us, this April, as we pray that women and girls would receive education and training to grow physically, mentally, spiritually, and academically. read more

March 2017 - Praying for Women Impacting a World in Need

Despite many obstacles and regardless of whether they receive recognition, women usually find ways to make a positive difference in the... read more
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