May 2017 - Praying for Mentoring Relationships

For May, pray for the impact of mentors in the lives of women and girls. Women need mentors to encourage them to keep learning and to inspire them to reach their highest potential for God’s glory. read more

April 2017 - Education and Training for Women and Girls

Join us, this April, as we pray that women and girls would receive education and training to grow physically, mentally, spiritually, and academically. read more

March 2017 - Praying for Women Impacting a World in Need

Despite many obstacles and regardless of whether they receive recognition, women usually find ways to make a positive difference in the... read more

February 2017 - Praying For Marriage and Family Relationships

Scripture provides a beautiful picture of family devotion in the book of Ruth. We read there how Naomi faithfully traveled with her husband... read more

January 2017 - Praying For Women In Prison

“Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering”... read more

December 2016 - Praying for Women to Experience Eternal Life

Life is short. Eternity, on the other hand, is a very long time. One thing is certain: 100 percent of everyone alive today will someday die.... read more

November 2016 - Give Praise and Thanks

Looking back over 19 years of ministry as we enter our 20th brings shouts of praise and thanksgiving to God for truly he has done great... read more

October 2016 - Praying for Women to Hunger for God

In many cultures women and girls are told they are of little worth and a burden to their families. In wealthy cultures women are told they... read more

September 2016 - Praying for Women in Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, and Slovakia

The people of the southeastern European countries of Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, and Slovakia have many economic challenges, among them... read more

August 2016 - Praying for Women in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, and Romania

Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, and Romania are some of the poorest countries in Europe. Many women in these countries experience the... read more

July 2016 - Praying for Chinese Women

Mainland China’s population is quickly approaching 1.4 billion and is composed of 56 ethnic groups. The Han Chinese make up around 91... read more


Project Hannah’s prayer ministry in Angola started in 2001. Prayer groups quickly grew and women’s lives changed as they began... read more
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