July 2015 - Praying for Fathers and Husbands

God wonderfully created men and women to complement one another. But human relationships were damaged when sin entered the world, spreading... read more

June 2015 - Praying for Arabic Women

Continuous conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa force millions of people to flee their homes, schools, tribal lands, family,... read more

May 2015 - Praying for Somali Women

Somalia was ranked second on Open Doors’ 2015 World Watch List for persecution of Christians. A militant group there publicly... read more


Around the world, progress is being made in helping women and children who live in extreme poverty. The multiple campaigns to provide... read more

March 2015 - Praying for Women in India and Nepal

Jesus values women. As he walked the earth, Jesus went against the accepted cultural beliefs and practices concerning women. He taught... read more

February 2015 - Praying for Victims of Sex Slavery

The statistic of 35.8 million slaves is just a number until you meet one of the victims. Human trafficking and sex-slavery have become... read more

January 2015 - Praying for Widows, Abandoned Wives, and Orphans

Project Hannah women in Ivory Coast have made God’s priorities their own. Just as Jesus fed those who were hungry and touched the... read more
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