Wisdom, Health and Discernment

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Please pray for all of our TWR Women of Hope regional coordinators asking God to give them wisdom in facing challenges, good health and discernment as they assess their regions and establish priorities for the ministry. read more

Southeast Asia Gets New Regional Coordinator

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
We praise God for bringing Paulina Wulansari as our new TWR Women of Hope regional coordinator for SE Asia! Paulina lives in and will be directing the region from Indonesia. May God grant her wisdom, grace and favor with the teams as she... read more

Prayers for New Regional Coordinator in Latin America

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Pray for the TWR Women of Hope ministry in Latin American, for our national coordinators and teams and for our new regional coordinator, Yicell Ortiz. Pray for Yicell as she learns the ministry in the region and develops relationships... read more

Salvation for Sunny, Carolyn, Matthew

Pauletta Martin · Submitted:
I have been studying biblical ESL with Fujun, the father of the family listed above. He has asked for baptism at Open Door Church. Immigration gave Fujun refugee status but gave green cards to his family. His immigration visa interview was... read more

Ministry in Mongolia

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Please pray for the new TWR Women of Hope ministry in Mongolia. We praise God that we now have a national coordinator there that begins work in mid-July. Please pray that she can get a Visa to receive training. May God give her wisdom,... read more

Hidden Treasures II

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Please pray for the TWR Women of Hope production team that will be meeting on June 26 to begin work on Hidden Treasures part 2. May God unite their hearts and give them eyes and ears to hear his direction for this project. God, please... read more

Work, Salary, Debt Free, Finances, Healing of Mental Health

Janine Hartzenberg · Submitted:
God, I come before you humble and desperate. I prayed for a promotion, asking for more work, and a bigger role in the company. It was given to me and I praise GOD for it. I pray that You Lord make me indispensable in the new positions as... read more


Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Father, bring oneness of heart and mind to each TWR Women of Hope national team, regional team and our entire global team. May our focus always be on you, Lord, so that we can communicate your hope, love and truth to women around the... read more

Praying for our Leaders

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Please join TWR Women of Hope as we pray for Susie Pek, global director, and Miia da Silva, regional coordinator for Europe and CAMENA, as they share the Women of Hope ministry in various presentations during the 50th Anniversary SANSA... read more

Volunteers for TWR Women of Hope

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Thank you, Lord, for the amazing volunteers you have provided in each nation where TWR Women of Hope is located. The ministry could not be carried on without them. Continue to grow each team as they follow your lead in reaching women with... read more


Sherry Mohamed · Submitted:
Please pray for my husband Gary. We are married for 38 yrs. He is backsliden, wayward and has slipped into this dark world of Alcohol, gambling, pornographic material, adultery. Gary doesn’t love me anymore. I pray for him to be set free... read more

National Coordinator for South Africa Needed

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Father, please guide our TWR Women of Hope leadership in identifying a national coordinator for South Africa. read more