Pray for Women of Hope Meetings

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
On July 20-22 TWR Women of Hope leadership will be discussing our key goals for 2023 and how to implement them in the various areas of ministry. Please ask God to give us all wisdom and discernment to hear his voice as he guides our... read more

Vacation Bible School

Pauletta Martin · Submitted:
I'm scheduled to teach 3-4th grade VBS the last week of July. Ridgecrest also needs volunteers that week. May God direct me according to His will. Very few have signed up for VBS, so please pray that many will take advantage of this... read more

Boldness in sharing the Gospel

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Thank you, Lord, for the freedom we have in many countries to openly share the Word of God. We know this is not the situation everywhere in the world. Give our TWR Women of Hope team members great boldness in sharing both your Word and... read more


Rachel * · Submitted:
Father God, ... read more

Japan's Women of Hope Ministry

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
May our Women of Hope ministry make smooth progress in the production of its radio program, and that through this program, Japanese women may receive the hope and encouragement they need in Christ. They are also asking God to provide... read more

Discipling in Dangerous Countries

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Lord, give great wisdom to our TWR Women of Hope teams who are discipling people through social media in countries where it is dangerous to openly confess being a Christian. Protect them and guide them as they nurture those who want to... read more

Prayers for women in the Middle East

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Father, we pray that women in Central Asia, the Middle East and Northern Africa regions would be curious to know more about Jesus. May these women find our TWR Women of Hope teams on social media, be brave enough to text them and begin a... read more

Praying for Dr. Peggy Banks

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Please pray for Dr. Peggy Banks as she will be speaking at several women's conferences and meeting with our TWR Women of Hope teams in the Balkans region over the next few weeks. Please pray for protection, great communication and... read more

Regional Coordinators Needed for South and Southeast Asia

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Please join us in asking God to bring out all that is needed to appoint a regional coordinator for TWR Women of Hope in both the South Asia and Southeast Asia regions. read more

Ministry in Northern Cyprus

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Please join us in praying about developing TWR Women of Hope ministry on northern Cyprus. We would like to be able to use Hidden Treasures as one of the tools to minister to women there. read more

Praising God for our partner ministries

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Thank you, Father, for allowing TWR Women of Hope to work with so many amazing partners. Please continue to unite us together under the common purpose of bringing the hope of Jesus Christ to women who desperately need you. We pray your... read more

German Prayer Gathering Launches

Lisa Hall · Submitted:
Join us in praising God that our partner is launching their own German ERF/Women of Hope prayer gathering on April 29. Dr. Peggy Banks will be bringing a brief message and greeting to this new group of intercessors. read more