Prayer for a young family

Miriam Onyeama · Submitted:
Please pray for Sabrina and her family. She is addicted to alcohol. Her husband and her two daughters suffer so much because of this. She wants to leave the alcohol but she hasn't come to realize yet that she cannot do it in her own power.... read more

Prayer request for family member

Paula Phillips · Submitted:
Hello TWR Women of hope, My cousin Lynn was recently diagnosed with Metastatic Cancer and the Doctors don’t think they can cure it! She is 44 years old with a husband , a 21 year old daughter and two teen daughters. She doesn’t have... read more

Thank you

Larry Webb · Submitted:
God’s blessing on Peggy and the Women of Hope staff. Give them strength to keep doing the Lord’s work. read more

Those who can't read

Tina Sessoms · Submitted:
Please pray for women and their families living in remote villages of South Asia. Many are following the religions of their ancestors. Because they are not educated they can't read the Bible or other literature. ... read more

FGM in Tanzania

Ruth Mbennah · Submitted:
Rejoice that more women and men of Tanzania have made a resolve to change the mindset of people who still mistreat women and girls because of their gender. ... read more

prayer group met in the rain

Four TWR Women of Hope prayer leaders went to visit with a prayer group in one of the informal settlement in the city of Nairobi and found that the church where the prayer group met was swept away by the heavy rains that flooded Kenya... read more

Praying in Telugu in India

Tina Sessoms · Submitted:
Give praise and thanks for those praying with us in India in the Telugu language. ... read more

Volunteer has arotic surgery

Tina Sessoms · Submitted:
Please pray for one of our U.S. volunteers, Pauletta. She had a tear in an arotic aneurysm and was airlifted to a specialty hospital for emergency surgery. Pauletta is 75, very active, recently traveled to Ukraine to teach English to... read more

Global prayer call Nov 8

Tina Sessoms · Submitted:
Praise the Lord for the more that 50 people from 16 countries who joined our Global Prayer Calls on November 8! read more

Pakistan Supreme Court acquits Asia Bibi

Tina Sessoms · Submitted:
The Supreme Court of Pakistan acquitted Asia Bibi of committing blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad, a crime punishable with death in the Muslim country. ... read more

peace and health

agnaldo hasegawa · Submitted:
Please prayer for members of the Hasegawa family. ... read more

Indonesia Earthquakes and Tsunami

Tina Sessoms · Submitted:
Please pray for the people of Indonesia as they recover from the recent earthquakes and the tsunami that occured on Sept 28, 2018 in Palu, Indonesia. read more